Bottles with stairs in background


Silver tanks

Our business’ growth and increased capacity has rendered our facilities adaptable to a range of projects from smaller 2,000 litre pilot runs helping our customers develop new brands up to bulk runs.  

Our Blending Room

  • Capable of mixing and blending drinks from raw ingredients, reducing from syrups or taking delivery in ready to drink format.
  • A flexible tank infrastructure to meet the demands of our customers.
  • Water capacity to make up to 100 million litres of finished product per year.

Our Packaging Lines

Our three lines handle:

  • Glass and PET sizes from 275ml to 700ml
  • Self adhesive labellers: Front, back and neck labels
  • Pack formats from 4 pack to 24 pack trays

Our Warehouse

  • Fully Bonded warehouse for the storage of up to 5,000 pallets.
  • Raw Material storage for 500 pallets.